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CDFP Alumni, Precious Baidoo reflects on his time as a DFI student, unpacks his inspiration and looks at what the future holds for the CDFP practical-association initiative in Ghana.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career to date

I graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a BSc in Materials Engineering in 2015 and was offered an opportunity to work with Airtel Ghana as an intern. I then stayed on at Airtel Ghana for my National Services as Procurement Specialist and went on to become a Procurement Officer. When Post-Airtel Ghana and Tigo merged into one MNO I became the Procurement Manager, and I am currently with AirtelTigo as the Director for Procurement.

How did you come to know DFI, and what have you enjoyed most on your journey with us?  

I found out about DFI on the 23rd of September 2019 after an eye-opening conversation with Foster Asare. The summary of that conversation caused a shift in my thoughts, making me feel strongly that the future of business and economies is Digital Finance. After hours of engaging my interests, he recommended I take up some courses to begin the journey. As a peer mentor, he gave me the online portal link to Digital Frontiers Institute to learn more and register. The rest is history.

I started with a Certificate in Digital Money as part of the 10th Cohort, and this was beyond interesting. The coach and colleagues were engaging and made this fun. The content was up-to-date and relatable. I just did not give myself breathing space because my target was to certify in a year and top the class in all the courses. Let me share this secret with you: Barbara Asumadu a senior colleague in the space challenged me to beat her scores as the standing champion of Ghana, and I did it. This was not a competition it was an inspiration.

How has your journey with DFI impacted your career?

This journey has been more than helpful. I am now able to engage in in-depth conversations with the Mobile Finance Unit of the company I work for in making decisions. Outside the working space, I am consulted on several projects to give my insights and opinions. Through the local association, we contribute to policies that affect business and the country. I am proud I embarked on this journey because the opportunities that are coming my way are great.

What value do you think the practical-association initiative in Ghana gives to students/alumni?

It creates a safe environment for learning and dialoguing DFS-related issues that affect our country while networking. Imagine meeting the CEO of a known Bank or Financial Institution at a DFI meeting or event.

What value does the association bring to you?

For me, it is the ability to connect with the right people and listen to their perspectives on challenges and opportunities within the space.

How did your association form and what inspired this formation?

The association was a transitioned initiative from Digital Frontiers Institute – where Alumni in collaboration with Digital Frontiers Institute formed it with aims and responsibilities.  We were inspired to form the association in order to provide access to education, training, industry event, conferences, and networking.

What are its aims?

We aim to promote digital transformation and contribute to sustainable development in Ghana through the following actions:

  • Promoting financial inclusion.
  • Contributing to financial education in Ghana.
  • Promoting ethics in digital financial services for responsible digital finance.
  • Contributing towards the development of a pool of skills in digital finance in Ghana.
  • Being a driving force in digital financial services.
  • Contributing to the implementation of the regional strategy on financial inclusion.
  • Participating in activities related to digital finance and financial inclusion.
  • Being a (national) regional-based digital finance association with assumed leadership; carrying out studies and research on digitisation.
  • Publishing articles: – making sure students and the citizenry are aware of the issues and challenges of digital transformation.
  • Giving more visibility to the action of digital finance.
  • Collecting and disseminating the point of view of the population on the issues of digitalisation in general and digital finance in particular.
  • Implementing appropriate communication strategies to promote digital finance.
  • Contributing to the promotion of the UN’s SDGs.

What impact do you hope the association will have?

We look forward to touching the lives of individuals, our various communities, and the country at large by actioning our aims as iterated above. For more information on the association please visit their website: www.dfpghana.org

How can people join or find out more about the alliance?

  • Every Student who has completed any certification or course through Digital Frontiers Institute is a member by default.
  • Membership shall also extend to non-graduating former students of a course.
  • Membership shall be open to persons engaged in the digital finance, fintech and financial inclusion ecosystem.
  • Corporate membership shall be permitted upon payment of applicable fees.
  • There shall be 3 different types of membership.
  • (a) Fellow: A Certified Digital Finance Practitioner.
  • (b) Associate: a student not yet certified or a non-graduating former student.
  • (c) Honorary: a member of the digital finance, financial inclusion, and fintech community who has shown and exhibited exemplary work towards promoting the ideals of DFPGh and/or towards the promotion of digital finance and financial inclusion.

Tell us more about your role as CDFP Practical Lead

I consider this role as my way of giving back to further the frontiers. In this new capacity, I guide students who are on the CDFP Journey to help them complete it. I aid in helping students complete tasks such as their papers and blogs, while also assisting with any work that needs to be corrected. We also help students in finding a balance and careful time management.

The beauty in all our work is that we celebrate students ahead of the official announcements which creates a good buzz within the community and inspire possibilities for others. Communication, resilience, and the ability to prioritize have been the bedrock of this practical community’s success.

My two cents to anyone on this journey, let me recount the words of Paulo Coelho – “when we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait.”

What is it that motivates you to continue with the work you are doing for the association?

My motivation is the fact that I want to learn and be better every day while furthering the frontiers. Furthermore, the fact that someone supported me on my journey, so it is only right I also give back in my own capacity.

What are your hopes for the future of this initiative?

I hope to see our works bear fruits and change the societies we live in. While seeing the students who go through the journey and their associations will impact their communities and improve policies.

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