We have added courses to our CDFP Journey!

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Author: Cleo Turner

The Certified Digital Finance Practitioner offering is expanding, and we are proud to introduce our newest addition to the CDFP portfolio: Agent Networks at the Last Mile (A CGAP Course). This five-week course forms part of the Customers and Uses of Digital Payments stream and is sponsored by CGAP. If you have a background in Cash In/Cash Out (CICO) agent network development and are interested in how policies can be leveraged to expand these networks in rural areas or would like to explore how these networks might be made more inclusive using a people-centered approach this is the course for you.

Here you may find out more and how you can register for the upcoming cohort taking place from the 27th of April 2023. Successful completion of this course will earn you 10-course credits toward your CDFP Journey.

Another exciting new course worth 10-course credits toward your CDFP Journey is the Inclusive, Instant & Interoperable: Beyond Finance course offered as part of the Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems (IIPS) Programme. This four-week course is for professionals who seek a broader, more strategic perspective on the key IIPS objectives of inclusiveness, speed, and interoperability. The course offers a deep dive into the implications of making a service more inclusive, instant, and interoperable. This course is only offered twice a year with the next cohort just around the corner, starting on 31 August 2023, so if you have successfully completed one IIPS specialisation course and are interested in enrolling for this please do soon, it is important to note here that to be eligible for this course you must have already completed and passed at least one IIPS specialisation course, this is a prerequisite.

To be part of the IIPS Programme you are required to complete the Introductions to Instant and Inclusive Payment Systems course and pass the IIPS Foundations Exam, those who pass will be awarded the IIPS Foundations Certificate and will receive a 100% scholarship for the advanced IIPS courses. All the advanced IIPS courses count toward your CDFP Journey, each worth 10-course credits. To learn more about this program visit the IIPS website.

We hope to see many of you enquiring about and enrolling for these courses!