The Mobile Economy 2022

Categories : Mobile money & mobile technology, Technology and Operational Enablers


Author: GSMA

As the world emerges from the pandemic and social and economic activities begin to recover, connectivity will continue to play a vital role in the way people live and businesses operate. Indeed, digital services, underpinned by high-speed and high-performance networks, are set to become more integral to society in a post-pandemic world. In this context, unconnected populations will be at greater risk of exclusion from many life-enhancing services online. The mobile industry has been instrumental in extending connectivity to people around the world. In 2021, the number of mobile internet subscribers reached 4.2 billion people globally.

The GSMA Mobile Economy series provides the latest insights on the state of the mobile industry worldwide. Produced by their renowned in-house research team, GSMA Intelligence, these reports contain a range of technology, socio-economic and financial datasets, including forecasts out to 2025. The global version of the report is published annually at MWC Barcelona, while regional editions are published throughout the year. Click here to read more about the Mobile Economy 2022 report