Payment APIs: What, Why, and for Whom? An Introduction to Payment Interfaces & the Kenyan Market

Categories : Technology and FinTech, Technology and Operational Enablers



Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a necessary component of a robust digital ecosystem, and critical to the health of the surrounding economy. These interfaces allow businesses to connect in a manner that enables each to focus on developing and perfecting their core services while relying on the others for areas outside their expertise. Conversely, a lack of open APIs results in a corresponding lack of efficiency, with each business implementing imperfect copies of the same business logic.

FSD Kenya worked with BFA to provide this insight and guidance for those looking to learn more about User Interfaces (UIs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), particularly those considering the use of APIs to provide digital financial services in the developing world. The report offers further insights from major market players and examines potential steps toward the creation of new opportunities as providers prepare for this journey for openness and interconnectedness.