Making Access to Financial Services Possible (MAP)

Categories : Customer and Users of Digital Payments, Financial inclusion


Author: Cenfri

MAP is a multi-country, financial-inclusion initiative launched by Cenfri in partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and FinMark Trust. It brings together stakeholders from government, the private sector and the donor community to tailor a set of practical actions through a process of evidence-based analysis – aimed at extending financial inclusion.

Cenfri took a methodical approach to identifying the issues and challenges that inhibit financial inclusion and the expansion of access to financial services for individuals, small and micro-businesses. We place the consumer perspective at the core of our analysis by making use of both FinScope quantitative data and qualitative demand-side research to provide an informed view. In addition, they built a holistic picture of the drivers of financial inclusion and the ecosystem within which the financial services sector operates. This integrated view of the financial sector covers demand, supply and regulation across four product areas: savings, electronic payments, credit and insurance.

MAP roadmaps are designed to provide a strategic vision on financial inclusion and ways to achieve delivery. They cover the country and political economy context; consumer financial needs and current uptake and usage of various formal and informal financial services; the provider and product landscape; as well as the regulatory framework for the whole financial services sector. The roadmaps identify context-related, market-related and regulatory barriers or obstacles to expanding financial inclusion, and devise strategies for overcoming them.

Highlighting current market activity and areas of opportunity, encourages providers of financial services to deliver products and services to segments of the population that are currently underserved and enable policymakers and regulators to implement changes to current policies and regulations that can facilitate market growth and expand financial inclusion.