LISTEN NOW: The Promise of Satellite Imagery in Financial Services


Author: FiDA Partnership

This webinar looks at how satellite imagery can be used to provide information that financial service providers can use in credit scoring models to assess a farmers’ creditworthiness.

The webinar was moderated by Maha Khan, from the FiDA Partnership, and featured the following speakers: David Tavener from Caribou Space, Eli Pollak from Apollo Agriculture, and Ruchit G Garg, from Harvesting Inc, who have collaborated to produce a case study on this topic.

Access to digital financial services is increasing and more products are being developed to include small holder farmers, but there is still a lack of access to affordable credit. The innovative FinTechs featured in this webinar, Apollo Agriculture and Harvesting Inc, discuss how satellites can capture data that traditional means cannot, such as farm crop yields, mapping of crops, geotagging farmland to specific farmers, farm diversification, planting cycles, and trends in production,—and that can help forecast revenues, potential repayment deficits, and timing of income. They describe how they implemented satellite technology and the journeys they took as they integrated satellite imagery into their business models and product offerings.

You can also read their case study here.