Expanding the League of DFS Professionals

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Author: Sarah Corley

For us at Digital Frontiers Institute (DF), our journey with our students doesn’t just stop at the end of the course. We are committed to supporting your continuous professional development. We also want to create and grow a global digital profession. As part of this, we are extremely proud to announce the launch of The League of Digital Finance Professionals, an online peer community on LinkedIn that is aimed at cultivating professional development and advocacy.

Digital finance is an emergent and disruptive field and it can be difficult to bring about change and solve problems on your own. Experience is a great way to learn and develop, but it doesn’t always offer the new possibilities, methods and ideas that peer engagement and interaction offers. Being an active member of a community and engaging in multiple methods of professional development allows horizons to be broadened, capacity to be increased, collaborations to occur and a profession to be built.

By the end of 2018, DFI had reached over 3 000 professionals in 107 countries across the globe through our training programmes. Our community is still growing and expanding its reach, and we are building vital capacity within the digital finance profession through our alumni. Part of our mandate is to provide and moderate global and local platforms to bring this peer community together.

The League of Digital Finance Professionals is one of the platforms that we have established to achieve this. For members of the community, there will be opportunities for collaborating, learning, sharing opinions, experiences and challenges, and keeping up-to-date with trends and advances. These will provide the opportunity to discuss and learn about the issues directly relating to you, your specialization, career and country. For students registered on courses with DFI, being an active League member and contributing to the development of others will be a key component to achieve CDFP certification.

Our DFI alumni will remember our Switch platform, which used to provide these opportunities. We have decided to restructure how we engage and deliver continuous professional development to better meet the needs of our alumni and professional community. Although we are moving away from Switch, we are keeping all the successful elements such as Communities of Practice (CoPs), webinars, seminars and resources.

We have also established a brand new Community page on our website. Here you will be able to find out about and join CoPs, take part in expert-lead webinars, and browse our cultivated knowledge bank full of resources, articles, podcasts and papers that we feel our community needs.

We believe these changes will lead to more meaningful engagement and impact, and we look forward to connecting with you in this new platform.

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