30 scholarships to female students for Digital ID 2019

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Fintech companies continue to grapple with an underrepresentation of women in leadership roles. This, according to a report by the Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) in which findings revealed that among the 400 respondents, only 12.5 percent of those in leadership roles are women.

To close the gender gap in the rapidly expanding digital identity sector, DFI and Omidyar are awarding 30 women with full scholarships for DFI’s Digital Identity online certification course.

“The digital identity sector needs a diverse set of perspectives and a strong presence of female voices to create and promote Good ID,” says Justine Vlok, Head of Marketing at DFI.

“Good ID is the normative framing we use to talk about the types of identities we want to see in the world,” says Thea Anderson, Director, Investments and Policy at Omidyar. “Identity systems that are built with transparency and accountability, and IDs that have built-in privacy, security, user value, user control and which are inclusive.”

“DFI has trained students from more than 1,000 organisations in 110 countries. For every student who takes our Digital ID course, they have the opportunity to create countrywide impact,” says Vlok.

The 30 female beneficiaries of the scholarship will have the opportunity to become experts in the digital ID field, with the hope that this will lead to furthering the financial inclusion agenda and continue promoting good ID policies and processes.

Through the four-week online certification course, which begins 23 September 2019, students will:

  • Understand the core language and concepts of the digital identity field
  • Understand and learn to apply the principles of Good ID
  • Analyse public, public-private, and private models of digital identity
  • Evaluate types of digital identity systems for financial service providers
  • Develop digital identification strategies and explore linkages to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

DFI and Omidyar are calling for applications from suitable candidates until 16 September 2019.

“Digital identity is where we are going to find prosperity; where we are going to find job creation and true financial inclusion,” concludes Vlok.

To nominate a deserving recipient or to apply for the scholarship, visit this page.

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