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Aminah Jasho from Nairobi Country, Kenya is the Head of Strategic Communications at Equal Measures 2030 and Founder of Unmothering the Woman.

Aminah spearheads EM2030’s advocacy and communication strategies. With a rich experience of 15 years, she intertwines her roles as a storyteller, gender activist, and communications expert, promoting strategic communications and sustainable development. A fervent advocate for gender equality, Aminah employs grassroots and online activism to advance her cause. She also directs the digital story campaign “Unmothering the Woman”, further showcasing her commitment to women’s empowerment.

She lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya as a Communications Specialist, where she has been involved in areas that include developing and disseminating information on policies, strategic outreach, technical writing for reports, preparing content for websites, social media and print, video creation and photography, editing, grant writing, and donor relations management. As a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism graduate, she specialised in Public Relations. In 2016 she diversified her academic scope when she graduated with a Masters in International Relations and Peace Studies.

The most important systemic challenges Aminah wishes to address is access to Education for women and girls. Another important issue would be inequality. Whether it is income inequality, educational disparities, or unequal access to healthcare, systemic inequalities are pervasive and have long-lasting implications. Aminah goes on to state that these issues are often interconnected, with one form of inequality exacerbating another, creating a difficult cycle to break. Addressing systemic inequality would require multi-faceted solutions that involve policy changes, grassroots activism, and cultural shifts. This could not only elevate marginalised groups but also benefit society by promoting a more equitable distribution of opportunities and resources.

When asked what impact has, she had on her organisation as a Gender Equality Changemaker, Aminah states that through her introduction of feminist leadership into certain projects, she has reshaped the conversation to prioritise intersectionality and inclusiveness, thereby making her organisation more effective and far-reaching. Furthermore, her application of a gender framework has been instrumental in critiquing and dismantling traditional gender roles that often confine women to maternal or domestic spaces.

The effect of this has been multi-layered: firstly, her organisation’s narrative has been strengthened to address not just women, but all genders affected by societal expectations. This broadening of scope has garnered more public attention and support for the cause. Secondly, by emphasising feminist leadership principles like collaboration, empathy, and shared power, they have facilitated a more egalitarian and participatory environment, enabling team members to contribute meaningfully. The collective effect of these changes is a more impactful, inclusive, and sustainable organisation that promises lasting change.

The Digital Frontiers Institute’s Gender Equality Changemakers Programme is taking the gender equity conversation in Africa to new and exciting places. It calls for people who are brave and willing to take risks: to ask difficult questions and explore new terrains.  The 5-part programme is an immersive learning experience which equips students with the knowledge, tools, attitudes, and practice needed to undertake gender equality change projects, ignite change in their respective organisations, and beyond that.

This season of #ThisIsMyJourney aims to tell the story of each of our Changemakers and how they took the journey to becoming Gender Equality Changemakers. Each of our Changemakers offers incredible insight into the steps they took and how they completed the programme. They each take us on a journey through their determination, vision, and accomplishments.

At Digital Frontiers Institute, we hope that by sharing these stories we celebrate our amazing students while also planting a seed of inspiration in those who want to pursue their own GEC qualifications with us.

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