Working with Markets and Cash Standard Operating Procedures and Guidance Notes

Categories : Customer and Users of Digital Payments, Humanitarian and digital social payments


Author: Sarah Corley

As a humanitarian tool, cash and vouchers have a great potential to change the way humanitarian aid is delivered to respond to the multiple and diverse needs of crisis affected women and men. As cash transfer programmes continue to grow, Oxfam put together these Standard Operating Procedures to ensure consistency of process and clarity of roles and responsibilities of all members of the response team.

The purpose of these SOPs is to provide humanitarian teams, across the different departments and sectors, a structured overview of how CTPs can be designed and implemented within Oxfam’s humanitarian programmes. It is meant to improve the working of a
team by giving direction on key roles, responsibilities and steps to be undertaken to ensure a timely and quality CTP through the project cycle. It is also meant to give a common understanding on what is the “good enough” process to follow during an emergency
response. By doing so, they are intended to give greater clarity and confidence to humanitarian teams to implement CTPs and ensure improvement in critical management responsibilities.