The Innovator’s Guide To Cloud-Based Security

Categories : Technology and FinTech


The most impactful deployments of AI technologies to date have been in the cybersecurity space, enabled by cloud environments. 

The ever-evolving threat landscape, paired with a cybersecurity skills shortage, requires a fresh and innovative approach. This guide by Microsoft Security reveals how two synergistic technologies – cloud computing and machine learning – are providing a lifeline to overburdened security teams. Learn how this powerful duo can provide new levels of speed and scale while helping to address the security skills gap. Inside you’ll find: 

  • The 5 pillars of a holistic security strategy
  • Recent innovations in cloud-based security
  • How machine learning identifies and counters cyber threats
  • Strategies to bridge the security talent gap
  • Keeping pace with the rapidly shifting threat landscape
  • Getting started with cloud-based, AI-powered security