The digital battle that banks must win

Categories : Digital Money and payments, Technology and Operational Enablers


Author: Cleo Turner

One in three people in developed markets now carries a smartphone, and few doubt that banks will rely increasingly on digital channels to serve the fast-growing population of consumers who rely on multiple devices to conduct daily business online. In the United States, where smartphones account for more than half of mobile subscriptions, one-third of consumers are using their phones to make payments. Unfortunately for banks, many of these payments are transacted through mobile apps controlled by online-payments specialists and digital merchants. Payments represent the beachhead for the entire banking relationship, and this beachhead is under attack. This article from McKinsey explores why offering a strong payments plan as part of a comprehensive strategy for digital banking is therefore an imperative for banks. But to compete in this emerging arena, banks must meet the expectations of digital natives, delivering diverse tools to help customers make smart decisions across a range of financial services.