CBDC Global Index

Categories : Cryptocurrency & blockchain, Technology and Operational Enablers


Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) will contribute significantly to the modernisation of the international monetary landscape, hand-in-hand with reconfiguration in both payment and financial infrastructure. They will generate numerous opportunities for further digitisation in both corporates and financial institutions, as their integration in payment and financial infrastructure progresses. Seizing these exciting opportunities will require operational, legal and regulatory process upgrades as well as an align.

The PwC Global CBDC Index is designed to measure a central bank’s level of maturity in deploying their own digital currency. It provides a synthetic index, capturing the central banks’ progress, stance on CBDC development and public interest in two distinct use cases:

• Retail CBDC which are held directly by citizens and corporates;
• Interbank, or Wholesale CBDC which are restricted to Financial Institutions, principally for interbank payments and financial settlement processes.