Inclusive Climate Resilience Strategies in the US

Categories : Climate finance, Customer and Users of Digital Payments


Author: GSMA

As climate-related weather events become a greater risk across the globe and in the United States, innovative and inclusive early warning systems (EWS) are critical to mitigate these risks and strengthen preparedness for climate disasters. In the case of the US, multi-hazard EWS are well developed and robust, but implementing accessible solutions is a challenge, especially for rural and marginalised communities.

This suggests that there is scope for a more holistic approach that supplements existing EWS with localised solutions and enhances EWS communication for marginalised populations.

This GSMA report, therefore, evaluates the gaps in EWS for climate-related hazards in the US, and identifies examples of mobile and digital interventions used at the community level in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) that could help underserved and vulnerable groups become more resilient to climate-related disasters. The report also provides specific recommendations for closing identified gaps to strengthen EWS in the US