Ghana’s Digital Financial Services Policy

Categories : Regulation and Payment System Governance, Regulation of Digital Financial Services


Author: Sarah Corley

Ghana became the first country to launch a digital financial services (DFS) policy. While the policy has been years in the making, the government hopes the policy will support various measures it is taking to leverage DFS in its COVID-19 response. Developed with technical support from CGAP and funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), the policy establishes a four-year (2020-2023) blueprint for achieving short- and medium-term progress in six areas:

  1. Improving governance of the DFS ecosystem
  2. Supporting fintech
  3. Creating an enabling regulatory framework
  4. Actively building the capacity of authorities to supervise the space
  5. Supporting the development of market infrastructure for DFS
  6. Driving the expansion of digital payment use cases