2022 Mobile Industry SDG Impact Report

Categories : Mobile money & mobile technology, Technology and Operational Enablers


Author: GSMA

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in poverty rates and food insecurity, in addition to derailing improvements across education, gender equality and health. Progress on sustainable development is further threatened by rising levels of global conflict, which have led to a humanitarian crisis with consequences that reverberate around the world. During this difficult period, the SDGs continue to provide an important compass for “building forward better”.

Connectivity will be at the forefront of strategies to achieve the 2030 agenda, as highlighted by the events of the past two and half years. Those with access to fast, reliable and affordable internet were able to stay connected to friends and family, access education and health services, and work remotely. Meanwhile, those without access were most vulnerable to economic and social disruption – and they risk falling even further behind as the world emerges from the pandemic and online services become even more integral to society.

This seventh annual SDG impact report demonstrates the mobile industry’s continued commitment to the SDGs, while identifying areas where the industry needs to improve or accelerate its actions to deliver on the Global Goals by 2030. This year’s report focuses on digital inclusion and shows how this relates to sustainable development through four main pillars: inclusive access, inclusive planet, inclusive connectivity and inclusive business.