Listen Now: Digital Public Infrastructure: what’s New under the Sun?


Author: Xanske le Roux




Digital Public Infrastructure has emerged as a new category within the digital development field, but what does it mean? David Porteous, Founder & CEO at Integral Governance Solutions, and Gavin Krugel, CEO at Digital Frontiers hosted a webinar on the growing relevance of Digital Public Infrastructure in the digital landscape. The discussion revolved around the crucial connection between governance, emerging understandings, DPI’s significance, and its implications for digital finance practitioners. 

With an exploration of the relationship between governance and DPI, emphasising the significance of robust governance frameworks as a foundation for its functionality, attendees gained insights into how effective governance can contribute to secure transactions within the digital ecosystem. This provided a practical understanding of the role of DPI. 

The dialogue then delved into the dynamic nature of DPI, highlighting its capacity to evolve alongside technological advancements and regulatory shifts. Speakers revealed that DPI is not a static concept, but a versatile framework that can accommodate innovative ideas and perspectives. This adaptability underscores DPI’s potential to shape the course of the digital future.  

Participants were guided through DPI’s journey of definition, its convergence across sectors, and its role in reshaping practices within the industry. This webinar provided attendees with valuable insights into DPI and how it stands at the nexus of innovation, governance, and a reimagined digital landscape. 

To enhance your understanding of DPI, we recommend reading the public paper titled “Is DPI a useful category or a shiny new distraction?” (Working Paper). Access the paper here.

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