Podcast: Women in Leadership – Reflections with Nene Molefi


Author: Xanske le Roux

In this episode of our Women in Leadership Series,  we delve into the state of gender parity in Africa and the pivotal role that businesses can play in driving greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join us as we explore the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for advancing gender equality in the corporate world and beyond.

 Nene Molefi, CEO at Mandate Molefi Consultants, our esteemed guest, brings a wealth of expertise and insights from her experience as a thought leader and advocate for inclusive leadership. Alongside her is, Tariro Nyimo – Deputy Divisional Director at Digital Frontiers, Keneilwe Tsotsotso – Senior Course Coordinator at Digital Frontiers, and Kgothatso Motshele – Course Coordinator at Digital Frontiers. Together, they examine the current landscape, discussing the barriers that women face in achieving equal representation and the transformative power of embracing diversity.

Discover practical solutions and best practices that can empower businesses to foster a more inclusive and gender-balanced environment. Gain valuable perspectives on the importance of leadership commitment, organizational culture, and inclusive policies in promoting gender equality and unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams.

Whether you’re a business leader, an advocate for change, or simply passionate about gender parity, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable steps toward a more equitable future. Join us for this episode and be part of the conversation that drives positive change.

To learn more about the Gender Equality Changemakers Programme offered by Digital Frontiers Institute, follow this link ➡️https://genderequality.digitalfrontiersinstitute.org/