Listen Now: The nexus between the rise in cyber risks and effective data privacy program management for digital financial services providers in the digital era


Author: Xanske le Roux



We had our first webinar exploring data protection with Judith Ratcliff, who is a Data Protection Officer, Privacy and Data Protection Senior Leader. 

Nolwazi started us off by introducing our guest speaker and dived into a working definition of what we mean by data privacy, data privacy rights, how data privacy plays out in policy development and regulatory compliance frameworks. 

During the session, we also explored: 

  • Coordination with the Information Regulator on a practical level towards effective data privacy programs for digital financial services providers. 
  • The relationship between cybercrime laws and data privacy and protection laws. 
  • Towards a digital world: the importance of prioritizing of digital trust. 

 Judith shared LinkedIn resources which can be accessed here.