LISTEN NOW: The FinTech Stack


Author: Ignacio Mas

In this exclusive webinar, Ignacio Mas, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI), shared his FinTech Stack model, based on a briefing paper he wrote for the Catalyst Fund: Mapping the DFS Ecosystem with a FinTech Stack.

The notion of the “stack” is about decomposing what are the collection of service elements and capabilities that need to come together to create compelling digital financial services. The stack then becomes a framework through which you can analyze where are the strengths and weaknesses of individual countries and providers. The four main layers of the stack are: digitizing me, digitizing my money, driving relevance and driving engagement, and is a basis for thinking about the ecosystem as a whole. One provider will not excel at all layers of the FinTech stack, but it is a useful way for businesses to identify where their USP/expertise is and to identify other organisations who excel at other layers with whom they may wish to partner with. Watch the webinar to learn more about this concept and identify how your organisation and country are doing within this ecosystem.

During the webinar, Ignacio mentions a book by Yuval Noah Harari about data and AI – you can read and find more about the author here.