LISTEN NOW: The Financial Journey of Refugees: A Gender Approach


Author: Sarah Corley

The webinar looked at how gender analysis enhances our understanding of the financial journey of people on the move, and the ways gender analysis allows a greater understanding of the barriers and vulnerabilities people face, but also on their coping strategies.

It is based on research by Roxani Krystalli and Kim Wilson. More information on their their research can be found here and the published paper can be downloaded here.

The research looks at the multitude of factors that contribute to different experiences and vulnerabilities of refugees. It takes an intersectional approach to more deeply understand the issues and ways in which we can provide help. Examples of vulnerabilities include:

  • Young adult men are sent first and have a long and protracted separation from their families and also face huge pressure to send back funds to their family
  • For women, it is often their first opportunity to manage finances and make decisions, which leaves them vulnerable
  • Young men are subject to violence in their journey and end up in prison more often than women
  • Women are less likely to be searched at borders and find it easier to get jobs

The research gives great opportunity to understand individual journeys through the qualitative interviews and understanding some of the patterns identified in experiences.

As some of the webinar is based on work yet to be published, we are not able to upload the video directly to this post. However, we are happy to send you a link to view the webinar – please email