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Digital Frontiers recently released its 2022 MRME Report.

The Digital Frontiers MRME Report uncovers the impact of our courses, knowledge resources, and continuous professional development. These reports showcase inspiring stories of transformation, illustrating how our courses, knowledge resources, and communities of practice have enhanced the capabilities of individuals, organisations, and countries.

Through this report, we offer insights into the remarkable results achieved through delivering exceptional learning experiences, our opportunities for continuous professional development and how we are connecting ecosystems globally.

Join us today as we chat through the Digital Frontiers 2022 MRME report with our guests; Tariro Nyimo – Deputy Divisional Director at Digital Frontiers, Doctor Tendai Gumbie – Head of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Business Intelligence at Digital Frontiers, Sarah Corley – CEO of the Alliance of Digital Finance Associations and Gavin Krugal – CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Frontiers. This conversation is moderated by Nwabisa Mazana – Digital and Marketing Communication Specialist at Digital Frontiers.

To view our full 2021/22 MRME Report, follow this link –