Introducing #ThisIsMyJourney Season 2!

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Author: Nwabisa Mazana


At Digital Frontiers Institute, we know how impactful a single story can be, especially when it comes to education and career development. A single story shared can; inspire, motivate, demonstrate resilience, build your legacy, and even help when reflecting positively on how far you have come.  

As we look towards the future, we cannot take away the importance of the past in shaping our current experiences. As an organisation, we have learned from our experience of being trailblazers, that the most powerful way that we can encourage others is by telling them what we have gone through ourselves so that they know there is hope for their own journey.  

This is why we have partnered with people who have inspired us, our Changemakers to share their stories on how they navigated the journey to becoming Gender Equality Changemakers. 

We invite you to join us for the premier of our first video on the 28th of September at 12:00 PM SAST on our social media pages!  

The Gender Equality Changemakers Programme aims to mobilise a league of gender equity champions across the Global South. The 5-part programme is an immersive learning experience which equips students with the knowledge, tools, attitudes, and practice needed to undertake gender equality change projects, ignite change in their respective organisations, and beyond that. While having a significant impact in addressing inequalities at a systems level. 

This programme is taking the gender equity conversation in Africa to new and exciting places. It calls for people who are brave and willing to take risks: to ask difficult questions and explore new terrains.  

This season of #ThisIsMyJourney aims to tell the story of each of our Changemakers and how they took the journey to becoming Gender Equality Changemakers. Each of our Changemakers offers incredible insight into the steps they took and how they completed the programme. They each take us on a journey through their determination, vision, and accomplishments.  

As Digital Frontiers Institute, we hope that by sharing these stories we celebrate our amazing students while also planting a seed of inspiration in those who want to pursue their own GEC qualifications with us.  

Take this journey with us over the next few weeks on our social media pages where we will be sharing a #ThisIsMyJourney story every single week. 

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