Introducing the Gender Equality Changemakers Mentorship Programme

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Author: Keneilwe Tsotsotso

Diversity, equality and inclusion are impossible to achieve without the help of mentors. In a world where gender discrepancies persist in the workplace, in schools, and in society at large, mentorship is essential because it helps people, particularly those from underrepresented communities, to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. As gender transformation is becoming a more pressing issue on the agenda, we understand that many companies are just starting on their journey.

While there are many benefits to having a mentor, the primary focus of the GEC (Gender Equality Changemakers) Mentorship Programme is to help our alums acquire the knowledge and experience they need to implement their gender change projects. The goals and expectations for mentorship are specifically aligned with advancing gender equality and promoting the inclusion of marginalised groups within the financial ecosystem.  It is therefore a learning, knowledge sharing, resources, and problem-solving space. Regardless of the specific need being addressed, mentoring is a giving/receiving relationship for everyone involved. It is about helping each other to expand and grow the body of knowledge of design and implementation of transformative solutions within gender equality.

The presence of mentors from diverse backgrounds strengthens the dedication of organisations and educational institutions to initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion. Mentors in our GEC Programme have lifelong work experience in demonstrating their dedication to diversity and inclusion in organisations. In addition, our mentors seek to dismantle and challenge common gender assumptions. This approach expands the body of knowledge and the number of professionals with an understanding of the tools and techniques to develope changes in organisational behaviour and attitudes toward gender equality.

When it comes to closing the gender gap, helping marginalised communities thrive and build a more equitable society, gender mentorship programmes are crucial. It is more than just a helping hand; it promotes an environment where people from all walks of life feel welcome and safe in their workplaces. If we encourage individuals to mentor one another, we can make progress toward a society in which people of all gender identities and backgrounds are treated equally and prosper; this is the goal of the GEC Mentorship Programme.

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By Keneilwe Tsotsotso

DFI Senior Course Coordinator


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