Gender Equality Changemakers Awards Event

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Author: Tariro Nyimo

The inaugural Gender Equality Changemakers Award is set to be an exciting event on the GEC calendar that will bring together GEC students, alumni, and people interested in gender and initiating change in their organizations. The event will take place virtually on the 29th of September 2022 and this will be a chance to interact with key stakeholders. Among the speakers are Snigdha Ali, Professor Deevia Bhana and the GEC Advisory Board.

 More about the Gender Equality Change-Maker Programme:

The Gender Equality Changemakers programme at DFI expands the body of knowledge and the number of professionals with an understanding of the tools and techniques to develop changes in organizational behaviour and attitudes toward gender equality; It aims to increase the number of organizations that adopt policies and practices that encourage and rely on the efforts of Gender Equality Change-Makers and undertake gender equality change projects.

This GEC programme, now in its second year, is showing promising signs of early impact having delivered 434 capabilities-building training across 28 different African countries and established 10 country-level peer-support communities of practice. We’ve also established The League of Gender Equality Changemakers, which is an expanding virtual peer support group that currently has 137 members. The League of Gender Equality Changemakers facilitates the exchange of gender-sensitive toolkits, articles and policy briefs amongst students for continuous learning online.

The GEC programme attracts a diverse group of students in the inclusive finance sector: 35% of the students are from West Africa, 35% from SADC and 28% are from the East African community. 45% are professionals who work in the private sector, 28% work in the development sector and 14% work in the public sector. In terms of job levels, 14% of our students are Executives, 23,4% work in middle management and 17,9% are junior professionals.

Early signs of transformation: Our first 39 graduates of our year-long capabilities-building programme have begun planning and initiating transformation interventions in their organisations that include gender HR practices, gender transformative marketing practices, and gender-sensitive products and services.

The Gender Equality Changemaker Award

As gender transformation is becoming a more pressing issue on the agenda, we understand that many companies are just starting on their journey. In the final course of the GEC Programme, students use the knowledge, skills, and insights gained in the previous four courses to develop an action plan for a gender change initiative that they will introduce and lead within their organisation, called the Capstone Project. The successes and challenges of the Capstone Project must be benchmarked and celebrated.

The students will be evaluated based on a set criteria which recognise different aspects of organisations and acknowledges that GEC participants may have different resources and support at their disposal.

Criteria for the 2022 awards are as follows:

    • Comprehensive, well-written, and thought-through gender action plan.
    • Successful implementation of a gender action plan.
    • Shown initiative, insight, and creativity in honouring the ethos of the GEC Programme.

Our Academic Partner, the Centre for Sexualities, AIDS and Gender (CSA&G) will evaluate all Capstone Students’ projects against the criteria and shortlist projects to be reviewed by the GEC Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will then determine the winners. This event will also be a chance to advance students’ knowledge of gender and a chance to learn from the first cohort’s GEC journey, from both their successes and challenges.

Winners stand a chance of winning a limited-duration mentorship opportunity that will include one-on-one meetings with the mentor for 3 months and much more.

We invite you to join us for the GEC Awards Event by following this link to RSVP.