Five years of Impact and Professional Development in Digital Finance

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As Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI), we are proud to have partnered with FSDA to provide expert training and capacity building support to people working in digital finance across sub-Saharan Africa.

Through a five-year partnership, since 2016 between Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI), FSDA and other donors resulted in the creation of a new Digital Finance Professional through delivering world-class online courses, knowledge resources, communities of practice and scholarships.

By the end of 2020, DFI delivered 11326 pieces of training and 530 000 instructional hours to over 6000 unique students from 2100 organisations in 160 countries, with an 88% pass rate. 22, in-country communities of practice across 20 countries convened 10 852 professionals through 1 078 meetings, and $1.7m in scholarships distributed.

As a result of this work:

  1. Capacity in digital finance professionals and services providers has increased.
  2. Institutional capacity for digital finance regulation has increased in both regulators and digital finance providers.
  3. As a result, digital finance policies, regulations and directives have been developed or adapted by DFI alumni.
  4. Cross-Sector collaboration increased and directly produced new country-based initiatives on policy, product, customer needs and inclusion.

This partnership with FSDA and other partner donors leaves the sector with a specialised capacity building utility company (Digital Frontiers), an e-learning school focused on building capabilities and skills aligned to the SDGs (Digital Frontiers Institute), a services business (Gateway), and the formation of a new global Alliance that represents the Inclusive Digital Finance Profession.

For more information on our partnership, click on the following Infographics: FSDA Infographic