Feedback – we all struggle with it, without fail!

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Having attended the co-creation workshop last week and spending time with many Human Capital developers I was reminded that feedback is a skill that most people struggle with.

Admit it, it is just not easy giving someone a piece of your mind in a frank yet respectful way.

I stumbled across a post “How to Introduce Radical Candor in Your Organization” on LinkedIn today. This is well worth a read. It is pragmatic and it gives you language and concepts to work with.

What are my take aways?

1) Create shared language. Have a look at the four quadrants in the link. They label behaviour and not people. They are easy to understand and easy to work with.

2) Lead by example. People are drawn to authenticity and transparency. Tell your colleagues you are making a change and ask for their help in as your practise becoming more clear and direct with your feedback.

3) Commit to the journey. Practise makes perfect. Look for oppertunities to practise, whether you give private criticism or public praise. And lastly – practice HIP – good feedback is: Humble, Helpful, Immediate, In person, Private criticism/Public praise, not Personalized If you have some time – read the full post.

I have included the post here:


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