The first step in your journey to becoming a digital finance professional is training and certification.  Our courses have been designed to address pivotal knowledge gaps, enabling you to confidently participate in conversations, exchange ideas and apply these learnings to your work.  This will ultimately lead to your professional growth as a peer in the in this emerging industry.

Available Courses

Certificate in Digital Money

Cost: US$1500* per person
Applications Close: 23rd February 2018
Start Date: 9th April 2018
Duration: 12 Weeks to complete

Inclusive & Interoperable Payment Systems

Cost: Free
Enrollments Close: 20th October
Starts: 30th October 2017
Duration: 4 weeks to complete

Operationalizing Mobile Money

Cost: US$250 per person
Enrollments Close: 29th September
Start Date: 9th October
Duration: 5 Weeks to complete

Leading at the Frontiers

Cost: US$1000 per person
Enrollments Close: 15th September
Start Date: 25th September
Duration: 8 Weeks to complete

Digital Money Grid India

Cost: Free
Enrollments Close: 6 October
Starts: 16th October
Duration: 4 weeks to complete

China’s ‘golden age’ of digital finance

Cost: Free
Enrollments Close: 13th October
Starts: 23rd October
Duration: 3 weeks to complete

Online Course on the Core Principles of Digital Finance

Cost: US$120 per module
Starts:  TBC
Duration: 3 Weeks