Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner

Introducing the CDFP Certification

The Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner journey is an innovative leading-edge certification built to support the emergence of a profession in the rapidly evolving Digital Financial Services space. This 3-year journey will provide professionals with the solid foundations and continued learning to ensure their success in this industry.

Who is this professional journey for?

This certification has been developed for professionals who wish to advance their career in digital financial services.

The certification also supports organizational training and professional development goals, enabling individuals, teams and leaders to develop a stronger, more unified understanding of digital financial services. Organizations with key goals related to digital financial services & financial inclusion are strongly encouraged to enroll.

What are the intended outcomes?

Professionals will have an integrated 360-degree view of digital financial services, an understanding of the different business models and use cases for digital financial services and a global exposure to leading digital markets.

Graduates will have specialised in one of three self-selected specialisation tracks linked to their individual career paths; specialisations include the regulation; customers and uses cases; technology and operational enablers; in digital financial services.

Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner

50 Credits


Certificate in Digital Money, Certificate en Monnaie Digitale, 数字货币证书 (CIDME, CIDMF, CIFMC)
Foundation language and a 360 view of Digital Finance
Leading Markets: the Global Payments Landscape (LDMM) Super Platforms: China, Internet Majors: USA and beyond; Architecting a digital finance grid from the ground up: India; Cross border Integrations: SEPA, SADC, Telco-based Mobile Money: Africa; Over-the-counter: Bangladesh, Pakistan; Building inclusive and interoperable payment systems: Peru, Jordan, Rwanda 12


Regulation of DFS (REG) Customers & Uses of Digital Payments (CU) Technology & Operational Enablers (TECH)
AML-CFT Regulation & Compliance Digital International Remittances Operationalizing Mobile Money 4 – 5
Regulating Payment Service Providers Digital Innovation in Agriculture Consumer Protection as a B/Strategy 4 – 5
Payment System Governance Digitizing Government Payments Bitcoin: Back to the Future 4 – 5
Consumer Financial Protection Humanitarian Digital Payments Digital Identity 4 – 5
RegTech Solutions Digital Microfinance Blockchain for Development 4 – 5
Digital Money Adjacencies RegTech Solutions 4 – 5


Peer-to-peer learning through participation in seminars, webinars or communities of practice 6

My name is Kevin and I work for a Central Bank. I am on the path to becoming a CDFP-REG as I specialise in Regulation. I have completed my foundations with CIDM & LM, I have also completed three REG specialisations and have also participated in three Webinars on the topic. I have 39 credits and require 11 more to complete my CDFP-REG journey in three years.


My name is Nura Pari and I work as a programme officer at an international development organisation. I have chosen to become a CDFP-CU as this compliments my current career path. Having completed CIDM & LDMM I then completed International Digital Remittances & Humanitarian Digital Payments. I have four more CU specialisations to complete & I am currently participating in a six-week seminar on Digital Money Adjacencies.

My name is Coco Liao, I am a product specialist working for a Pan African Bank. I am currently completing the CDFP-TECH. I am in my third and final year of the journey and have already completed the foundational courses, four specialisations in TECH/OPS and four webinars related to the subject matter. I will complete my journey by attending Bitcoin: Back to the Future & Digital Identity & participating in two webinars focused on the topics.

My name is Juan Navarto and I work for an impact investment company who focuses on investing in fintech businesses. As my role touches on all of the specialisation tracks I have become a CDFP Generalist, as well as completing CIDM & LDMM, I have completed six specialisations across all three tracks including Payment System Governance, Digital Innovation in Agriculture & Blockchain for Development. I have also participated in six webinars, and have 50 credits. I am a Certified CDFP Generalist.

Chartered Digital Finance Practitioner

Cost structure

50 Training credits over 3 years

  • 24 Credits from Foundational courses
  • 30 Credits from Specialised courses
  • 6 Credits from Application of learning

(117 hours or 14 days of training a year)

Foundational Courses:

US$1500 per person

Specialised Courses:

US$250-$500 per person

(course dependent)

REG, CU & TECH Tracks

Application of Learning:

Webinars, Seminars & Communities of Practice

Payment Options Access to courses Access to DFI
Individual Pay as you go –
Individual course price
On a course by course basis Free
Paid over 3 years –
US$1350 per year (US$4050)
Full access to course portfolio
(year on year basis)
Paid Upfront –
Full access to course portfolio
2 or more participants
Paid over 3 years –
US$1250 per year (US$3750)
Full access to course portfolio
(year on year basis)
Paid Upfront –
Full access to course portfolio