Continued Opportunities to Build Connections and Capabilities

As part of our comprehensive and holistic approach to capacity building, we ensure that we provide opportunities for continuous professional development and cooperation for our students and alumni in several ways, including our in-person communities of practice, our online communities, webinars, podcasts, seminars and various other forms of engagement.  

Our Professional Community

Our Leagues of Professionals

The League of Professionals for both Digital Finance and Gender are maintained by DFI for current students and alumni to come together and share knowledge and experiences, discuss ideas and new developments, and ultimately help increase the knowledge-base and cultivate peer learning opportunities for professional development and advocacy.

Digital Finance Professionals

Gender Equality Changemakers

Communities of Practice

DFI maintains several professional Communities of Practice across the world. Meeting face-to-face regularly and talking through industry-wide challenges, these communities put students in direct contact with their peers in the industry and foster communication, cooperation, knowledge sharing and innovation.

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Knowledge Bank

The sheer number of blogs, articles, research papers and webinars out there can be staggering and finding the resource you need to address the challenges can be difficult. That’s why DFI maintains an extensive and free-to-use bank of all the knowledge and resources we use in our courses or discover during our own research

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