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Mobile Money Operations

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This 5-week course provides practical insights for professionals who wish to develop a mobile money service, supported with real-world examples of mobile money businesses.

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Start Date

11 February 2022


5 Weeks


Online, in our digital classroom

Operationalising Mobile Money

Starting a mobile money business can be difficult. This 5-week course is designed to help professionals start or build businesses providing financial services on mobile devices.

Drawing on practical, real-world examples, students will gain an understanding of what a successful mobile money business looks like and what specific support and tools they need to become self-sufficient and resilient.

Why do I need a Digital Money Course?

Our Mobile Money Operations course has been developed with professionals in mind. Providing a complete cross-section of mobile money operations, it walks students through the practical steps needed to start a mobile money service and make it successful.

If you already work in a mobile money organisation or you want to start or join one, this course is for you. It is also extremely useful for skills development training within any organisations that provide advisory, consulting, regulatory or oversight support to mobile money businesses.

Students will leave the course armed with the tools, terminology and knowledge they will need to guarantee success in the mobile money industry, participate in key discussions and to establish a strong professional network.

Course Curriculum


Gavin Krugel

Digital Frontiers Institute

Barney De Jongh

Money Mobile Practitioner

What is Mobile Money?

Mobile money refers to a broad category of financial services that allow uses to store, send and receive money on their mobile phone, generally through an app.

What is a Mobile Money Business?

A mobile money business is an organisation, usually a financial services provider, that provides mobile money tools to consumers.

What is DFS?

DFS, or digital financial services, are any financial services that are available through digital channels, and includes payments, credit, savings, transfers and insurance.

What is Fintech?

Fintech, or financial technology, refers to any digital technological tools or business models used to support the delivery of financial services.

What is Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a key part of DFI’s agenda and refers to the goal of ensuring that all people, especially marginalised groups, have access to the financial tools they need.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is a learning environment that only exists through a digital platform and that allows students to participate regardless of their geographic location. All DFI’s courses are delivered in a virtual classroom.

What is Digital Frontiers Institute?

Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) is a digital education provider designed to prepare professionals for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in a rapidly changing economy.