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Consumer Protection

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This 4-week course provides an introduction to consumer protection in digital financial services, and how embracing consumer rights is great for business.

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22 April 2022


4 Weeks


Online, in our digital classroom

Consumer Protection as A Business Strategy

Consumer protection rights and laws are often a secondary consideration for many digital financial services companies. However, when implemented correctly, they will help digital financial services businesses achieve their strategy goals.

As the industry is growing, many new consumers are entering the market. This growth is the greatest opportunity yet to achieve global financial inclusion, especially since many of the consumers entering the market did not previously have access to any financial services. This also presents a significant challenge to the industry, as only about 30% of registered accounts are active globally.

This new consumer base is vulnerable and needs to feel like they are in control in order to build up trust in these new and complicated financial services and to feel safe enough to become more active. Consumer protection principles and guidelines offer the necessary tools to make consumers feel protected and to increase their activity rates, which will support the growth of more digital financial services businesses.

Why do I need a Consumer Protection Course?

If you’re working in digital money or digital finance as a business manager or a risk professional, and you want to develop a better understanding of how to incorporate consumer protection rights into your business strategy, our Consumer Protection Strategy course is for you. Consumer protection professionals who want to learn how to better work with digital financial services providers will also find a lot of value in this course.

Students will leave the course with a deep understanding of what consumer protection in digital financial services looks like, what the key implementation challenges are and how it links to and supports digital finance business strategies.

Course Curriculum


Dr Ignacio Mas

Co-Founder and formerly Executive Director of the Digital Frontiers Institute

Dylan Lennox

Digital Money Expert Partner

What is Consumer Protection?

Consumer protection is a set of laws, principles, and guidelines designed to protect the rights of consumers from unethical business practices.

What are consumer protection rights?

Consumer protection rights are a series of protections, often laid down in law, designed to regulate the relationship between businesses and consumers.

How can Consumer Protection Laws be used for business strategy?

While consumer protection laws are often seen as restrictive to the smooth-running of business, but can actually help increase customer activity by fostering consumer trust in your business.

What is DFS?

DFS, or digital financial services, are any financial services that are available through digital channels, and includes payments, credit, savings, transfers and insurance.

What is Fintech?

Fintech, or financial technology, refers to any digital technological tools or business models used to support the delivery of financial services.

What is Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a key part of DFI’s agenda and refers to the goal of ensuring that all people, especially marginalised groups, have access to the financial tools they need.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is a learning environment that only exists through a digital platform and that allows students to participate regardless of their geographic location. All DFI’s courses are delivered in a virtual classroom.

What is Digital Frontiers Institute?

Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) is a digital education provider designed to prepare professionals for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in a rapidly changing economy.