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Bitcoin: Back to the Future

Blockchain and

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This 5-week course is a general introduction to the world of cryptocurrency, distributed ledgers and internet-based value exchange systems.

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Start Date

13 May 2022


5 Weeks


Online, in our digital classroom

The future of money

Cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain technology that enable them, are one of the most exciting developments in the world of digital payments. But with a wall of technical and confusing information out there, figuring out where to start is difficult.

This course provides a strong starting point for exploring the world of digital payments, focusing specifically on bitcoin as a leading example of the broader set of cryptocurrencies. The course will also cover a number of other forms of online money systems and discuss some of the broader philosophical thinking and technological systems that enable cryptocurrencies. The course will also probe the broader practical applications of blockchain technology and provide a look at the current state of development and regulation of cryptocurrency systems.

Why do I need a Bitcoin Course?

While Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and will be one of the focuses of this course, the main aim is to provide students with a holistic and complete introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies. The course is intended for professionals in the emerging internet payments and technology-enabled financial services space, and will be a great value add to both cryptocurrency sceptics and proponents.

Students coming out of the course will have a basic understanding of how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency systems work, and how they challenge current financial systems and regulatory practices.

Course Curriculum


Dr Ignacio Mas

Co-Founder and formerly Executive Director of the Digital Frontiers Institute

What is Crypto currency

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses blockchain technology to operate without the oversight of a central bank.

What is the difference between cryptocurrency and Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, while often used as a stand-in for cryptocurrencies in general, is just a single cryptocurrency, similar to Ethereum.

What is DFS?

DFS, or digital financial services, are any financial services that are available through digital channels, and includes payments, credit, savings, transfers and insurance.

What is Fintech?

Fintech, or financial technology, refers to any digital technological tools or business models used to support the delivery of financial services.

What is Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a key part of DFI’s agenda and refers to the goal of ensuring that all people, especially marginalised groups, have access to the financial tools they need.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is a learning environment that only exists through a digital platform and that allows students to participate regardless of their geographic location. All DFI’s courses are delivered in a virtual classroom.

What is Digital Frontiers Institute?

Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) is a digital education provider designed to prepare professionals for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in a rapidly changing economy.