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AI in Finance

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This 9-week course provides an overview of and introduction to the use of artificial intelligence in a business context and its potential applications and pitfalls.

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Start Date

28 January 2022


9 Weeks


Online, in our digital classroom

Artificial Intelligence

In the last few years, AI technology has improved in leaps and bounds and simple artificial intelligence systems are already in use in a wide range of everyday services. But AI courses tend to approach the issue from either a heavily technical point of view or from a strategy standpoint. This course is designed to help business owners of AI projects in the finance sector, and helps place artificial intelligence in a business context.

From AI theory to machine learning modelling, this course provides a powerful introduction to and overview of the use of AI in business and practice in a real-world context. The course goes beyond the hype and takes a sober look at the power and limitations of AI, and how it can be effectively deployed in the finance sector. Centered heavily in a business owner perspective, this course will empower you to hold your ground in conversations around AI and machine learning as well as formulate your own informed opinions.

Why do I need this course?

This course is designed as an introduction to the use of AI in finance for:

  • Professionals who want to gain a solid understanding of the business opportunities surrounding the use of artificial intelligence in business.
  • Professionals heading up AI projects in private, public or development sector contexts will find this course extremely useful, as will any organisations, government departments and businesses looking to integrate AI into their operations.

Students will leave the course with an understanding of the concepts, terminologies and emerging issues in this fast-changing field. It will also prepare students for further specialised courses in specific areas of focus.

Course Curriculum


Dr Ignacio Mas

Co-Founder and formerly Executive Director of the Digital Frontiers Institute

David del Ser


Harry Wilson

Chief Product Officer

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a group of theories, software and hardware aimed towards mimicking the decision-making capabilities of a human mind through computing.

How does AI help in business?

AI technology can be used in a business context for a range of applications, from data handling to customer management.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning, or ML, is the use of specific algorithms and statistical models to help computers make complex decisions. ML is often a key part of developing an AI.

What is DFS?

DFS, or digital financial services, are any financial services that are available through digital channels, and includes payments, credit, savings, transfers and insurance.

What is Fintech?

Fintech, or financial technology, refers to any digital technological tools or business models used to support the delivery of financial services.

What is Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is a key part of DFI’s agenda and refers to the goal of ensuring that all people, especially marginalised groups, have access to the financial tools they need.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is a learning environment that only exists through a digital platform and that allows students to participate regardless of their geographic location. All DFI’s courses are delivered in a virtual classroom.

What is Digital Frontiers Institute?

Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI) is a digital education provider designed to prepare professionals for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in a rapidly changing economy.