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Focus on Digitisation and the Impact of COVID-19 on MSEs

The COVID-19 pandemic, termed ‘the Great Disruption’ hit the global economy in 2020. Whereas 2020 was defined by divergent impact within and between economies, 2021 will be defined by multispeed and divergent recovery in the global and local economy. Low-income countries continue to face grimmer economic prospects due to limited access to COVID-19 vaccines and weak public finances; they will suffer more significant medium-term losses, particularly countries that rely on tourism and commodity exports, and those with limited policy space to respond.

In this report, FSD Kenya writes about the divergence trends that continue in Kenya, as well as macroeconomic resilience masking sustained inequalities and divergence in recovery.

FSD Kenya
We support the development of financial inclusion in Kenya. Our work ranges from direct investment in market innovations to research and policy analysis. Everything we do seeks to harness financial solutions to meet the needs of lower income households and smaller scale businesses – to help them to manage scarce resources and invest in the future. In short, our aim is to make financial markets work better for the poor.