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Innovation Ecosystems

Innovations of all kinds contribute to greater economic growth, and tech innovations, in particular, can increase digital inclusion for individuals. But this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. For an innovation ecosystem to flourish, you need tech-savvy entrepreneurs, access to finance and a balanced network of connectors, plus an enabling environment. These ecosystems consist of, among others, innovation hubs, investors, mentors, start-ups, innovative corporates, competitions or opportunities to pitch ideas, and higher education institutions and training providers.

Using the collaborative sense-making approach of systems mapping, Cenfri embarked on a journey to explore and understand the factors that enable and inhibit growth in three tech innovation ecosystems in Africa: Cape Town, Lagos and Nairobi. Read more here.

Cenfri is an independent, not-for-profit think-tank. As recognised thought leaders on matters relating to financial-sector development in emerging markets, we generate deep insights and solve complex development problems.

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