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Our CDFP Journey with Gavin Krugel and Sarah Corley

In this video, Gavin Krugel and I share our journeys to become Certified Digital Finance Practitioners (CDFP). The CDFP program is a newly established certification built to support the emergence of a profession in digital financial services. The 3-year program provides professionals with the solid foundations and continued learning to ensure their success in this rapidly evolving industry and helps to formalise a career in digital financial services.


In the discussion we explore the different courses we did, the choices we made with our learning, and the activities we chose to apply our knowledge. We hope that this inspires you to complete your own CDFP journeys.

Sarah Corley
Sarah is Deputy Director at DFI and is responsible for developing the DFS profession and providing opportunities for capacity building outside of our online course provision. She has over 20 years of experience within the learning and capacity development within the development and health sector, and is passionate about being a catalyst for change.