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The Contribution of FinTechs for MSME Development: What can Mozambique Learn from FinTechs in South Africa and Kenya?

This study, the Contribution of Fintechs for MSME Finance was produced by Helder Buvana as part of his journey to become a Certified Digital Finance Practitioner. It looks at how innovation, mainly technological innovation, is contributing to change the traditional way financial services are delivered to customers and how these new waves can reduce the financial access gap for MSMEs. The study further analyses some of the products offered in the most vibrant economies in Africa, where the fintech ecosystem is contributing to financial inclusion. It starts with looking at the Mozambique fintech ecosystem, followed by cases studies from Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa, and Nairobi in Kenya. Drawing lessons from these successful examples, the report aims to provide insights on how Mozambican fintechs, other financial institutions, government, regulators, non-government organizations (NGOs) and other financial inclusion players can learn from these experiences and closes with some recommendations to all key stakeholders.

Helder Buvana
An entrepreneur and development consultant with passion for financial inclusion through promotion of DFS, Fintech, enterprise development, local content, supply chain management and community enterprises. Helder has more than 20 years of working in Sub-Saharan Africa adn during this time occupied senior positions in development projects in both public and private sectors, including AMSCO, NEPAD Business Foundation, Tongaat Hulett Sugar Mozambique, Sherwood International – Ex. DNA Supply Chains and now part of Super Group South Africa. Currently he is the Investment Manager at Financial Sector Deepening Mozambique (FSDMoç) and plays advisory role.

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