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A FinTech Strategy for Ireland

This document aims to set the scene with a definition of FinTech and an overview of FinTech in Ireland and Globally – setting out key investment statistics which demonstrate the significant growth in FinTech which has taken place. It then examines the key success factors or attributes of a well-functioning FinTech eco-system and analyse Ireland within each, showing the current status across Talent; Capital; Policy; Demand and Technology. This is set within a global context with key characteristics of other competing jurisdictions also highlighted. Finally it looks to draw out Ireland’s key competitive advantages and provide a set of recommendations across six key categories:
1. Stronger FinTech Eco-System
2. FinTech’s Talent pipeline of the Future
3. Financial Technology and Regulator engagement model of the future
4. FinTech’s Capital Injection
5. FinTech Brand – Driving Demand
6. Technology Capability

Sarah Corley
Sarah is Deputy Director at DFI and is responsible for developing the DFS profession and providing opportunities for capacity building outside of our online course provision. She has over 20 years of experience within the learning and capacity development within the development and health sector, and is passionate about being a catalyst for change.

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