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Blockchain 101: What Is It and How Can It Empower Women? – Webinar

The promise — and potential — of blockchain to drive social impact is massive. From financial services, through supply chains, land and identity registries, blockchain is set to become the next transformative technology in development and humanitarian relief. Some of the initial blockchain use cases also showcase potential for how it can drive women’s economic empowerment – by enabling women to access financial services, manage payments and keep business and personal records.

This webinar explored this topic in more detail, providing participants with an overview of what blockchain is and how it can be applied within women’s economic empowerment programming. The webinar also showcased two practical use cases for how blockchain has been applied to financial services and supply chain management to empower female-owned MSMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The SEEP Network
SEEP is a collaborative learning network. For over 30 years, our members have served as a testing ground for innovative strategies that promote inclusion, develop resilient markets, and enhance the livelihood potential of the worlds’ poor. With our members, we support strategies that create opportunities for vulnerable populations, especially women, to participate in markets and improve their quality of life.

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