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G20/OECD Policy Guidance Financial Consumer Protection Approaches in the Digital Age

Given the increasingly digital environment for financial products and services and the potential for digitalisation to support greater financial inclusion and inclusive growth, the need for effective financial consumer protection is more important than ever. It is equally important that the policies and approaches developed and adopted by financial consumer protection authorities need to evolve and adapt in line with the environment.

This policy guidance is for consideration by policy makers responsible for the implementation and application of key elements of the G20/OECD High-Level Principles on Financial Consumer Protection in a digital environment and G20 High-level Principles on Digital Financial Inclusion with respect to principle 5. It focuses on areas related to the role of oversight bodies and disclosure and transparency.


Sarah Corley
Sarah is Deputy Director at DFI and is responsible for developing the DFS profession and providing opportunities for capacity building outside of our online course provision. She has over 20 years of experience within the learning and capacity development within the development and health sector, and is passionate about being a catalyst for change.

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