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Women’s Empowerment and Savings Groups: What do we know?

The SEEP Network examined the pathways between Savings Groups and women’s empowerment and how how women’s empowerment outcomes can be enhanced and better sustained through Savings Groups. This research was completed through a comprehensive literature review, analysing data from four large programs in East Africa, and research in Ethiopia and Tanzania. It focused on the the relationship between Savings Groups and economic independence, confidence and self-worth, decision-making, voice and leadership, time use, mobility and health. It highlights where positive changes are observed and under what circumstances – while recognizing the limitations of Savings Groups and providing guidance on risk mitigation and the identification of unintended consequences.  Download the report here.

The SEEP Network
SEEP is a collaborative learning network. For over 30 years, our members have served as a testing ground for innovative strategies that promote inclusion, develop resilient markets, and enhance the livelihood potential of the worlds’ poor. With our members, we support strategies that create opportunities for vulnerable populations, especially women, to participate in markets and improve their quality of life.

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