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Practices and Tools required to support Risk-based Supervision in the Digital Age

FinCoNet developed a survey to collect relevant examples of supervisory practices that are innovative and forward-looking. FinCoNet members and non-members responded to the survey and shared their insights, experiences and practices among the conduct supervision community during the second half of 2017. Due to the high speed of technological change, supervisors have to continuously adapt their tools. For this reason respondents have frequently updated their original input in the course of 2018.

This report analyses supervisory reaction to the digitalisation phenomenon. While there is a broad concern about the nature and size of the challenge, the supervisory approaches towards digital transformation of those who responded to the survey (respondent authorities) are at different stages of development. In most cases, authorities focus predominantly on adapting traditional supervisory tools to DFPS, while the creation of new specific tools is frequently still in the early stages.

Cleo Turner
Cleo is DFI's CDFP coach and helps our students with the apply section of the Certified Digital Finance Practitioner (CDFP) program. As part of her role Cleo shares useful resources and insights from a wide variety of sources and authors with our community.