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Global Microscope 2018: The Enabling Environment for Financial Inclusion and the Expansion of Digital Financial Services

The 2018 Global Microscope shows countries in Latin America and Asia have the most conducive environments for financial inclusion. It is is a benchmarking index that assesses the enabling environment for financial inclusion in 55 countries. This edition, with a revised research framework, offers a forward-looking focus on the digital financial services now and in the future, and the critical role for financial inclusion envisioned in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Microscope sets a model for an enabling environment for financial inclusion across five domains: government and policy support, stability and integrity, products and outlets, consumer protection, and infrastructure. It evaluates the regulatory and policy environment for key players in the financial inclusion space including banks, non-bank financial institutions, e-money issuers and cross-border payment providers. It also focuses on the role of inclusive insurance, financial agents, financial technology (fintech) firms, and credit information providers.

Read the key highlights and  download the full report here.

Centre for Financial Inclusion
The Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI) engages and challenges the industry to better serve, protect and empower clients. We develop insights, advocate on behalf of clients and collaborate with stakeholders to achieve a comprehensive vision for financial inclusion. We are dedicated to enabling 3 billion people who are left out of – or poorly served by – the financial sector to improve their lives.

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