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What are the roles of intermediated and shared use?

Not everyone uses digital finance as it was originally intended; digital financial services (DFS) have been repurposed to fit individuals’ specific needs. Individuals also access digital finance platforms in so-called “non-conventional” ways. By “non-conventional”  we mean that an individual shares either a mobile phone and/or digital finance account to access DFS or use an intermediary who  conducts transactions on their behalf (such as over-the-counter transactions). Shared and intermediated use of technology are common in less developed economies. This snapshot takes a deeper look into shared and intermediated use of digital financial services to better understand the role they play within the digital ecosystem.




FiDA Partnership
The Mastercard Foundation Partnership for Finance in a Digital Africa (the “Partnership”) is an initiative of the Foundation’s Financial Inclusion Program. The Partnership catalyzes knowledge and insights to promote meaningful financial inclusion in an increasingly digital world. Led and hosted by Caribou Digital, the Partnership works closely with leading organizations and companies across the digital finance space. By aggregating and synthesizing knowledge, conducting research to address key gaps, and identifying implications for the diverse actors working in the space, the Partnership strives to inform decisions with facts, and to accelerate meaningful financial inclusion for people across sub-Saharan Africa.

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