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A Framework for Small Balance Deposit Mobilization

This framework for small balance deposit mobilization includes a research paper, Pulling Levers Toward Sustainability – A Framework for Small Balance Deposit Mobilization (above), and a four-part series of case studies which demonstrate the use of the Decision Framework for Small Balance Deposit Mobilization (SBDM), including case studies from Fidelity Bank and Sinapi Aba in GhanaUGAFODE in Uganda, and NBS Bank in Malawi.

The economics of small-balance accounts presents challenges that make it difficult for providers to make a profit from these accounts. High upfront costs, high transaction frequencies, and distance from traditional banking outlets are among the main deterrents. Despite these challenges, the sheer size of the unbanked population suggests that small-balance deposit mobilization represents an opportunity—albeit one that requires hard work and patience—for FSPs to advance financial inclusion while accessing a relatively untapped market.

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