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Valuing Microfinance Institutions

While the valuation of microfinance institutions (MFIs) may be more of an art than a science, the practice within the equity investment community remains opaque, inconsistent and overly complex. This paper summarizes the challenges impact investors face when valuing MFIs–from which methodologies to use and what assumptions to make, to how to factor in the social mission and fintechs. There is an urgent need for more shared, comparable and reliable data to effectively benchmark impact investments.

Centre for Financial Inclusion
The Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI) engages and challenges the industry to better serve, protect and empower clients. We develop insights, advocate on behalf of clients and collaborate with stakeholders to achieve a comprehensive vision for financial inclusion. We are dedicated to enabling 3 billion people who are left out of – or poorly served by – the financial sector to improve their lives.