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Empower the Customer to Choose and Use Financial Services

Empowered customers, as defined in this paper from CGAP, are able to make informed choices, to use services that are of value to them, and to have greater control over their financial lives. By building trust and confidence through an interactive relationship, both providers and customers can benefit. It would be incorrect to equate this notion of customer empowerment with financial capability building and consumer protection. Effective consumer protection measures and financial capability interventions differ from customer empowerment, and also contribute to it.

CGAP is a global partnership of more than 30 leading development organizations that works to advance the lives of poor people through financial inclusion. Using action-oriented research, we test, learn and share knowledge intended to help build inclusive and responsible financial systems that move people out of poverty, protect their economic gains and advance broader development goals. We research and experiment to achieve proof of concept and extract lessons that can be built to scale by our partners, who apply our insights in the marketplace.

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