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Upcoming Webinar: State of Aadhaar – A People’s Perspective

A decade after the launch of Aadhaar, what’s working and what’s not? In this webinar we present a resident’s perspective on India’s national digital ID – in what ways has Aadhaar empowered or excluded them? To what extent do they trust and use the identification system? In which aspects is it serving them well or poorly—or not at all? These are the results of a study that distils insights drawn from two national household surveys and human-centred design research on Aadhaar. Capturing the experiences and perspectives of over 167,000 residents, together these surveys represent the largest public, primary dataset on the use of Aadhaar and, more broadly, digital ID anywhere in the world.

We are lucky to have three of the authors of the report, State of Aadhaar: A People’s Perspective, from Dalberg leading the webinar:

  • Swetha Totapally
  • Dr Priti Rao
  • Dr Petra Sonderegger

Sign up here to secure your place at the webinar.

Sarah Corley
Sarah is DFI's Community & Professional Development Manager, and is responsible for providing opportunities for capacity building of DFS professionals and DFI alumni outside of our online course provision. She has over 19 years of experience within the learning and capacity development within the development and health sector, and is passionate about being a catalyst for change.

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