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Unlocking Smallholder Insights for Financial Service Providers

Driving financial inclusion necessitates that we introduce changes in the very architecture of the financial sector of an economy, particularly with respect to outreach. This transformation requires as a first step, understanding the characteristics of the target segment, using extensive data collection, analysis and inference to help FSPs develop financial products suited to the former’s attributes. However, to ensure a sustainable solution, such financial interventions should be followed by the assessment of their impact, so that the intended impact is achieved over the long run.

In this paper from Mercy corps Agrifin Accelerate program (AFA), working with Nathan Associates, discuss the nuances of these steps in context of the importance of presentation of data in unlocking insights for FSPs and the techniques used to assess impact of the resulting financial interventions. This is discussed with regards to financial inclusion of smallholder farmers (SHFs) in Kenya.

Mercy Corps
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